Accenture: Only 4% of supply chain leaders are ‘future-ready

The pandemic accelerated digital transformation, but that doesn’t mean change comes easy. According to new research from consulting company Accenture, 81% of supply chain leaders say the pandemic has been their organization’s greatest stress test and that they’re facing technological change at “unprecedented speed and scale.” What’s more, only 4% say they’re “future-ready,” while 34% expect to be there by 2023. The research also underlines the need for enterprises to get up to speed — “future-ready” organizations were found to be twice as efficient and three times more profitable than peers, according to Accenture.

“The pandemic exposed just how much the supply chain can make or break a company’s success,” the report states. “It has revealed hidden vulnerabilities. And in the process, the crisis has moved Chief Supply Chain Officers (CSCOs) to the forefront of change. The days when their sole focus was on cost management are gone.”


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