Capabilities assessment

Do your teams have the Capabilities to Succeed?

Are your future economic results at risk or does your team have the necessary capabilities to deliver future results?

How do you ensure the positions that have high impact on your results will be filled by top performers? 

Which development practices have a better cost/effectiveness on building new capabilities?.

Capabilities are the collective skills , abilities and expertise of a team. They constitute the identity of the team and are defined by everything that they are great at and that produces relevant business results and competitive advantage. Capabilities that are hard to replicate or imitate are a main source of competitive advantage.

Teams' capabilities are crucial for growth and success. Business leaders agree they are a key priority however they are aware of the big challenges to build them. The most common are:

Today’s speed of change and continuously evolving technology make knowledge to become fast obsolete. Building capabilities, more than ever, requires continuous non-stop efforts and an enabling mindset.

Training and development portfolios need to reflect and be strongly aligned with business priorities  – a general skills development curriculum will not  develop these critical capabilities.

Capabilities need to be broadly shared to avoid knowledge leaving when employees departure. Communities of practice, learning forums and a more future oriented performance management can be great assets.

Training investments slow down when financial results stall or decline. Instead it should be a priority to build skills that will accelerate financial outcomes.

In a fast paced work with busy agendas, making time to build new skills can be overwhelming – giving employees alternative ways of learning can boost the willingness to make extra efforts to develop new skills.

Build capabilities is not a one-size-fits-all exercise, a quick-fix neither a one-shot solution. It is a continuous effort to align your vision of the future, customers demands and the organization culture followed by focused initiatives.

Our approach is based on identifying the capabilities that most impact financial performance, Customer Experience and Employee Experience, underlining gaps between current and needed proficiency and prioritizing actions to close the gaps.

The exercise consists of on-line assessments and interviews with different stakeholders. The outcome is presented in a report that shows:

  • The capabilities necessary to deliver you short and long-term results and your team’s proficiency in each of them,
  • Your team’s capabilities strengths and competitive advantage,
  • Teams’ capabilities gaps
  • Team capabilities proficiency and ability to produce short and long- term results
  • Critical areas to prioritize efforts
  • Cost/effective ways to fast acquire new capabilities and/or evolve teams’ proficiency.
  • The  factors that support , leverage and reinforce capabilities development. 

Alba Tais Pereira

alba.tais @

+39 3341125654 

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Alba Tais Pereira is the managing partner at ProjLink Consulting.

She brings extensive strategy, change management, and delivery experience from working in companies  such as Johnson & Johnson, Unicredit, Citibank, Nortel and Oracle in EMEA, Asia, North and Latin America.

Alba Tais spent several years defining and executing complex business transformation programs,  leading performance management, capability-building programs and a series of mergers and acquisitions.

Now, she’s bringing her skills to help clients master their digital transformation,  shaping organization culture and Employees’ Experience,  boosting Innovation and creating Customer Centric organizations.

Alba Tais holds a Bachelor of Psychology.

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