Design Thinking

Design thinking is a problem-solving approach that develops a deep understanding of people to then design a solution tailored to them. It is said to be a “human-centered” approach as it based on Empathy and proximity to the people you are designing the solution to.

It has a hands-on and customer focused approach, counts on extreme collaboration to deliver solutions through a prototyping and iteration process.

When use Design Thinking

Solve challenging problems: when problems are vague, not well defined, involve risk, both problem and solution are unknown at the beginning. e.g. creating solutions outside of the current area of expertise.

Improve the Customer Experience e.g. redesign processes or services to improve user adoption.

Create innovative solutions that are  Desirable by users, Viable to your business and Feasible for your technology e.g. make bets on new products, technologies, and premium services with a quick validation with customers to limit potential risks.

Develop Creativity projects e.g. marketing campaigns, create new products/services or disruptive innovation.

Optimize processes and  ways of working: Business Model Validation, Organization Change projects, Improve internal processes. e.g. Digital Transformation, Agile implementation, revamp Performance Management, Finance processes, IT service model. Develop High Performance Teams, Improve collaboration, Break silos, knowledge sharing.

Alba Tais Pereira

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Alba Tais Pereira is the managing partner at ProjLink Consulting.

She brings extensive strategy, change management, and delivery experience from working in companies  such as Johnson & Johnson, Unicredit, Citibank, Nortel and Oracle in EMEA, Asia, North and Latin America.

Alba Tais spent several years defining and executing complex business transformation programs,  leading performance management, capability-building programs and a series of mergers and acquisitions.

Now, she’s bringing her skills to help clients master their digital transformation,  shaping organization culture and Employees’ Experience,  boosting Innovation and creating Customer Centric organizations.

Alba Tais holds a Bachelor of Psychology.

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