Improving your people's experience will directly improve your Customer's Experiece.

Picture this company.

  • Customers would not leave you for any potential better competitor because they believe the value of the partnership with your company can’t be replaced;
  • Employees manage the company with an entrepreneur spirit, as if they would be owners and would not leave for any potential better employer because they believe the value of the partnership with your company can’t be replaced;
  • Resistance to change does not exist. It is easy and fast to scale transformation, change and growth.


 This spririt, starts with an exceptional Employee Experience, a precursor and catalyst of exceptional Customer Experience.

What is Employee’s Experience (EX)?

EX is how employees perceive the experience they have with their work and with their organization. It directly impacts how they engage with the organization, how they perform, how much they care and make efforts to contribute to the company success and employees retention  – in a nutshell, it determines value creation , growth and success – for individuals and for  the organization .

EX focus on creating powerful ways for people to perform at their best potential. Using Design Thinking and other methodologies, we will involve your people on identifying the experiences that matter most for them, or the ‘moments of truth’, and designing ways to improve these experiences, connecting them with the organization vision and value creation.

Outcomes of an improved EX are,  people finding more meaningful ways of working, improved performance, entrepreneurship, collaboration, broken silos , buy-in on organization vision and smooth growth and change scale. 

However, one of the most important outcomes of EX is the direct link with the Customer Experience – improved EX makes people feel they own the Customer Experience and  go the extra mile to improve their interactions and relationship with the organization, anticipating and addressing customers needs and wants.

Employee engagement is a by-product of the improved EX (Employee Engagemenet is how passionate and enthusiastic people fell about the organization and how much they take actions to advance its success).

The traditional approach to improve Employee Engagement , focuses on measuring how happy and committed employees are with the organization’s top-down-already-made decisions and then putting actions in place to improve employees’ perception on the topics pre-defined as ‘important’.

The focus of improving the Employee Experience  is not on checking how happy employees are with topics such as training, compensation or internal communication.

Instead, EX is a people-centered initiative that gives employees ownership to define, propose and create what is important for them, from their point of view.

We will use focus groups, interviews and other interactive/qualitative tools and the solutions will be designed for your organization uniqueness, by the people that interact with your unique context and ways of doing things.

We will aso use Design Thinking to support your management team to create the context and the best ways to imrpove the EX in your organization and promote a joint and share path for managers and High Performance Teams.

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