BUILDing High Performance
Cross-FuncTional Teams

Developing High Performance Teams

Superior performance results from the balance between making the right investments, setting a winning strategy and having teams performing at high levels. 

Albeit many improvements on how to measure and improve the first two, Build High Performance Teams is still a  challenge granting few successes.

Managing Cross-Functional teams is another tough challenge: even the most collaborative organizations have to actively nurture Cross-Functional Teams to avoid silos to get formed and keep performance high in the long run

High Performance Teams - A Strong Competitive Advantage

The extreme competitivity brought by new technologies, market disruption and pace of change, created new challenges: market leaders don’t keep their competitive advantage for a long period; knowledge became a commodity and can be easily replicated; and problems are much more complex and can only be resolved with a holistic approach.

The only long-term competitive advantage is People with complementary skills, working collaboratively and displaying exceptional performance. All other competitive advantages can be copied, replicated and surpassed.

High Performance Teams don’t happen by chance – they have to be cultivated.

It requires targeted actions, a supportive environment and a purposeful alignment between strategy, team Mission (Why we exist) and Vision of the Future (Where we are going). Cultivate High Performance Teams is a continuous exercise to make better, learn more, have higher standards.

tech change

The gap between technological sophistication and business productivity continues to increase. To close the gap a shift in mind-set, behaviors and actions are required – new ways of addressing collaboration, agility, continuous learning , integrated Employee Experience, radical change in Performance Management, different leadership skills, analytics and diversity are critical to success.

source – 2017 Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends

The major transformation on the path to High Performance Teams (HPT) comes not from using new methodologies or technologies but from transforming mindsets and interactions, tuning teams to the external market and innovating the way they solve problems.


It is challenging to develop High Performance Teams and maintain their high performance in a constantly changing and demanding environment. It takes focused actions and strong support from the management team – High Performance Teams do not happen bottom up – they must be led and driven from senior management.


How do High Performance Teams Look Like ?

Leadership & Direction

Team Pillars

Enabling Culture

Core Capabilities

Leaders communicate a clear Direction (‘where we are going’) & Purpose (‘why we do what we do’)

Teams are energized by a shared vision of the future that they helped to define.

Strong accountability to exceed expectations.

Enabling Leadership removes blocks and  promotes cross-functional collaboration.


Team dynamics is smooth, engaging and collaborative.

Virtual Teams or Teams based in different locations display the same high performance and collaboration as teams that co-locate.

Performance Management rewards value added and the desired behaviors  and allows building the capabilities necessary to deliver short and long-term ambitions.

All team members, irrespective to their areas or funcitons:

Prioritize improving the customer experience, 

Deeply understand customers preferences.

Team Mindset:

 Openess to change, embrace it and help others dissolve resistance.

Focus on building ways of working that enhance fast response to change and challenges.

Understand how improving Employee Experience (EX) & Engagement  directly links to improving the Customer Experience. EX is a priority to senior management and employees participate on building positive EX and meaningful work.

Cross-Functional teams with complementary capabilities,  deliver short and long term goals and ambitions.

Create and share the knowledge necessary to be atop technological evolution and market challenges.

Address complex challenges with customer centric out-of-the box- solutions.

Team composition is directly linked to strategy and business priorities.

Generate and share knowledge & learning are a continuous key priority.

How we will help you build High Performing Cross-Functional team

We focus on the dimensions that trigger High Performance Teams:

The first step is to understand what you have achieved so far on the path to Build High Performance Teams.

High Performance Teams Readiness Map

In which stage is your team today ?

The dimensions of High Performance Teams work in synergy.


A team might have smooth dynamics with clear accountability and a high level of trust however it may lack a tool or mechanisms to generate and scale new solutions that are deeply customer-centric.


Or a team might have all pre-requisites to generate Innovation but the current traditional rewards system and the lack of wide-spread knowledge sharing will kill Innovation scale and long-term sustainability.


There is no dimension that more intensely determine the readiness to build High Performance Teams. This is why we start investigating where your team stands in which dimension so you can prioritize where to focus your attention.

How Team's Assessment Looks Like

Alba Tais Pereira

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Alba Tais Pereira is the managing partner at ProjLink Consulting.

She brings extensive strategy, change management, and delivery experience from working in companies  such as Johnson & Johnson, Unicredit, Citibank, Nortel and Oracle in EMEA, Asia, North and Latin America.

Alba Tais spent several years defining and executing complex business transformation programs,  leading performance management, capability-building programs and a series of mergers and acquisitions.

Now, she’s bringing her skills to help clients master their digital transformation,  shaping organization culture and Employees’ Experience,  boosting Innovation and creating Customer Centric organizations.

Alba Tais holds a Bachelor of Psychology.

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