Design High Performance Teams

Are your teams ready for High Performance?

Developing a team that excels in collaboration and agility is critical to success. However High Performance Teams don’t happen by chance – they have to be cultivated and Cross-Functional partnership requires continuous efforts to avoid silos formation and boost collaboration.

Having a deep view of your team’s readiness to high performance and the needed capabilities to accelerate cross-functional collaboration and agility, helps you develop the teams that effectively address the always evolving customers expectation, digital competition and create a non-replicable competitive advantage.

Benefits of High Performance Teams

Economic Performance

    • Overperform competitors by twice due to teams’ superior speed and agility.
    • Explore new opportunities faster.
    • Identify challenges earlier.


  • Higher engagement,
  • Energized teams
  • Enhanced accountability for the company success.
  • Wise risk-taking


  • Enabling Culture and Leadership.


    • Improved Cross-Functional Collaboration.
    • Better alignment and collaboration between different areas and seniorities.
    • Break silos.


    • Enhanced problem solving and decisions quality.
    • Out-of-the-box ideas and solutions.
    • Improved return on Digital Investment by + 16,2% due to value innovation skills.

Customer Centricity

  • Improved responsiveness to customers.
  • Improved return on Digital Investment by + 14,5% due to the teams’ strong focus on improving the Customer Experience.
High Performance Teams (HPT) Quotient index
HPT Quotient index provide leaders with answers on their most compelling questions:

How do we ensure teams in different locations collaborate and work effectively together?

How do we break silos and develop effective cross-functional collaboration?

How do we boost  entrepreneurship?

Which areas should we focus on to improve teams’ performance?

HPT Quotient assesses teams across the four key dimensions that trigger High Performance.
Leaders use results to prioritize and plan high impact initiatives that leverage teams’ strengths and are aligned with goals and strategy.

Leadership & Direction​​

Is the team energized by a clear vision of the future?

Are leaders removing blocks and  promoting cross-functional collaboration?

Core Capabilities

Does the team have the capabilities that will deliver short and long term goals and ambitions?

Do we create and share the Knowledge necessary to be atop technological evolution and market challenges?

Team Pillars​​

Will the way the team works currently take then to improved performance?

Do we reward customer value creation or ticketing the boxes?

Enabling Culture​

Does all team members understand and are able to improve Customer Experience?

Are current mindset and behaviors blocking high performance and cross-functional collaboration?

The HPT Quotient Index indicates your team current readiness and help you define the actions to improve it

Where does your team stand today?

Alba Tais Pereira

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Alba Tais Pereira is the managing partner at ProjLink Consulting.

She brings extensive strategy, change management, and delivery experience from working in companies  such as Johnson & Johnson, Unicredit, Citibank, Nortel and Oracle in EMEA, Asia, North and Latin America.

Alba Tais spent several years defining and executing complex business transformation programs,  leading performance management, capability-building programs and a series of mergers and acquisitions.

Now, she’s bringing her skills to help clients master their digital transformation,  shaping organization culture and Employees’ Experience,  boosting Innovation and creating Customer Centric organizations.

Alba Tais holds a Bachelor of Psychology.

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