Performance Management 4.0

a 360° approach on leveraging the factors that boost performance

What Happens when a company has

21st century Performance Management technology AND

mid-20th century management processes, built on top of

19th century management principles? 

It Manages performance, instead of  Improve it.

Don’t search for best market practices, the solution needs to be tailored to your uniqueness.



The Traditional Performance Management

The traditional Performance Management practice does not address the fluidity necessary to compete in the evolving markets, customers preferences, business practices and employees’ loyalty notion. It is in direct conflict with the development of the capabilities necessary to effectively address current challenges and capture opportunities – adaptability, speed, resilience, inspire people, innovate, create knowledge and value faster than competition. It also has no focus on identifying and building those capabilities that will be necessary in the future, to sustain your organization growth and success.

Hyper Competition

The current Digital world, with its VUCA (2) characteristics (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity), hyper-competition, disruption and high-velocity, has different premises and calls for new organization capabilities. Furthermore, the pace of change is increasing fast, and knowledge is becoming a commodity. Consequently, having a “building capabilities machine”, fine tuned to the challenges and opportunities of evolving market and customers, is a crucial success factor for your current competitiveness and the sustainability of your business over time.


Performance Management 4.0

Performance 4.0 tunes the organization to the external world, get it ready to identify early signs of change and reprioritize, adapt and respond as well as create new knowledge and develop new capabilities, faster than competition. It helps your people to get comfortable with continuous change and the need for continuous development and innovation. It mobilizes every employee to improve the customer experience, developing a deep understanding of what ‘Value’ means from the customers Point of View. It inspires people, creating meaningful work and rewards, improving their ownership on the company success

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