Facebook AI chief: We can give machines common sensescreen-shot-2017-03-10-at-10-20-21.jpg
Charlie Osborne | ZDNet

Neural networking could pave the way for AI systems to be given a capability which we have, until now, considered a human trait: the possession of common sense.

While some of us may have less of this than others, the idea of “common sense” — albeit a vague concept — is the general idea of making fair and good decisions in what is a complex environment, drawing on our own experience and an understanding of the world, rather than relying on structured information — something which artificial intelligence has trouble with.

This kind of intuition is a human concept, but according to Facebook AI research group director Yann LeCun, leaps forward in neural networking and machine vision could one day lead to software with common sense.

Speaking to MIT’s Technology Review, LeCun said there is still “progress to be made” when it comes to neural networking which is required for machine vision…


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