How to Get Control of Your Digital Content: Lessons From Intel


Do you shrug when managers ask what impact your content efforts have on the bottom line? Are you tired of fighting about who does what with your content? Do you have too much content and need a better way to manage it all?

Sure, everyone knows that content is (or should be) a business asset. But how do you make it so – and prove it?

You might follow Intel’s example. In this article, I summarize what Intel’s digital-governance team has been up to these last two years and the stunning results it has reaped.

Everything in this article comes from the Content Marketing World talk, What You Are Doing Wrong with Digital Governance and How to Fix It, which was co-presented by Lisa Welchman, author of Managing Chaos: Digital Governance by Design, and Scott Rosenberg, director of Intel’s digital governance and operations group. (I’ve tossed in a few updates that Lisa and Scott shared with me.)

The secret to getting content ­– and its business impact – under control

To get control of your digital content, you need digital governance. People who govern digital content establish rules and norms that keep a company’s content consistent, on brand, efficient, and effective – and that keep the company out of trouble.

Along the way, digital governance can also snag CEO-level appreciation for the financial impact, as Intel discovered within a year of implementing its new practices. (See details below.)

Governance enables content professionals throughout the company and even outside the company “to work together and do whatever job they’re supposed to do the way they’re supposed to do it,” Lisa says.

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She points out that most organizations have no clear digital-governance framework. As a result, people end up fighting – project after project – over who gets to make content decisions. “When an organization puts governance in place, people spend less time fighting because everyone knows who the content decision makers are.”

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