IT Process Monitoring and Workflow in Haulotte Group


Il Testimonial

Why we chose OpCon «The decision to choose OpCon as our automation solutions was quickly established since OpCon was the only solution that offered a package integration with Infor M3», Frédéric Beickert, ERP Information System Manager. «We were also attracted by the user-friendly interface and handling of OpCon.»

Supervision reduced to a few minutes per day Currently the team is operating and monitoring daily operations, managing alerts, restarting jobs for the whole business from one single point of control. “The IT-operations has direct access to the interface and to all instructions and documentation preset into OpCon™. They do not need another tool.” At Haulotte OpCon has reduced the daily effort of supervising and monitoring the entire IT-operations into a few minutes per day. In case of errors, the staff receives automatic notifications. These help IT-staff to solve issues before they cause problems.




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