Samsung Galaxy S8 release date and everything you should know

Update: Our third Samsung Galaxy S8 rumor video is now living, with news of a confirmed S8 launch date, a look at what appears to be an official press image and side-by-side comparisons to the iPhones and previous Galaxy flagships.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is almost upon us. We’ve got a confirmed S8 launch date – March 29 – and there are a flurry of rumors teasing the upcoming features of Samsung’s latest flagship smartphone.

Cut to the chase

What is it?
Samsung’s next flagship phone
When is it out?
March 29 launch confirmed, likely April 21 release date
What will it cost?
Rumored to be $850 (roughly £655/AU$1,120)

The Samsung Galaxy S7 was almost everything we hoped for, with improvements throughout making it one of the most powerful, stylish and all-round accomplished smartphones on the market.

But while it may have scored five stars in our in-depth review, there’s always room for improvement – and based on the rumors so far that’s exactly what we’ll get from the Samsung Galaxy S8.

With talk of a new AI assistant, dual-lens camera, upgraded screen, no physical home button and a rear-mounted fingerprint scanner there’s plenty of information already leaking about the next Galaxy smartphone…

We also have a wish list for what we want to see from the Samsung Galaxy S8 on the next page – and we’d love to hear what you think, so let us know in the comments below and we’ll furiously email them to Samsung.

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