The best free PowerPoint alternative 2017

Great looking, professional presentations

The best free Microsoft Powerpoint alternatives

There’s no shortage of browser-based presentation tools, but these are often more style than substance, and have one deal-breaking drawback: if your internet connection fails, you’ll be left with a red face and a blank screen. Presentations created using HTML5 or Flash won’t be compatible with PowerPoint or other office software either, making sharing and collaboration a pain. To be a real PowerPoint alternative, a presentation tool needs to be capable of saving and opening files in Microsoft’s PPT and PPTX formats.

If a PowerPoint alternative is part of a full office suite, it should be possible to transfer text and charts from the word processing and spreadsheet counterpart programs without compatibility problems. The ability to make charts and tables within the presentation itself is also a boon; they’re often the clearest way to present numerical data.

1. LibreOffice Impress

Impress replicates PowerPoint feature-for-feature, with superb file compatibility

LibreOffice is the best-known free office suite, and its presentation component, LibreOffice Impress, does exactly that. It’s compatibility with Microsoft Office is second to none; it includes a tool for converting PowerPoint files to OpenDocument format, and can save and open PowerPoint presentations, AutoPlay presentations and templates from Office 97 onwards.

Impress has a modest selection of ready-made templates, but it includes designs for different aspect ratios – something that’s easy to overlook, but can be very useful if you’re presenting using a monitor or projector that isn’t your own. There are hundreds more templates available to download from free sources like The LibreOffice Impress Templates Project, and installing them is as simple as clicking ‘Import’, then selecting the downloaded file….

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